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Wednesday, 22. September 2004

Antville Test

This is a test of Antville


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Tuesday, 21. September 2004

A New Test

Project workers are welcome to attempt to establish
accounts (via me) with appropriate priveleges..


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Monday, 28. July 2003

Snctns isnt Pwr

This paper was written to discuss the proposition that Paul Graham's notion that `Succinctness is Power' is not only an oversimplification, it is quite wrong.


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Sunday, 27. July 2003

Graham on `Beating the Averages'

Graham has written a paper titled Beating the Averages. This paper contains many errors. And the parallel-ogue here discusses some of them.


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Graham on `Hackers and Painters'

Graham has written a paper titled Hackers and Painters. There are lots of problems with this paper. And the parallel-ogue here discusses some of them Apparently Graham is using hacker' as a self-deprecating synonym forprogrammer' and this leads to unnecessary confusion. Then the peper draws many mistaken conclusions from that point forward.


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Monday, 19. May 2003

An old Paper: Why Postscript Sucks

Starting in 1991 I wrote a paper complaining about many of the bad design features of Postscript. This was relatively early in its history, and well before PDF was created. I have modernized by the format and will be adding `Current Commentary' to make the paper a parallel-ogue (Original, Current Comment). The paper is available here.


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Tuesday, 6. May 2003

Paul Graham on `Succinctness is Power'

This is a parallel-ogue on Graham's note of a year or so ago wherein he argues that succinctness is power. My argument is basically that this

  • oversimplifies the situation; and
  • is wrong anyway


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